Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid ~ A Review


This book is written like an autobiographical interview of all the members and surrounding crew in the chart topping band Daisy Jones & the Six. Following multiple view points we witness the evolution of this band from it’s origins in the late 70’s through it’s carrier. We learn about the fights, the make ups, the loves, and the heartbreaks that go along with being rockstars.


My thoughts:

Ok, So I liked this book, but I think I like it because I listened to it as an audio book. I think if I had read it as a physical book it would have gotten a lower rating. The audio book had a full cast of characters, and since this is written in interview style that greatly aided the experience.

I did read this book in like 3 days so I obviously enjoyed it but it doesn’t quite go into my “4 stars because I really like this book” range and I think that is mainly due to the ending. The author made two decisions that I disagreed with. It felt like one was just for shock value and the other was because maybe the author succumbed to the pressure from societies expectation of a good ending.

I know that might not make a whole lot of sense but I strive to keep these reviews spoiler free. So if you want more clarification and don’t mind spoilers, or if you’ve read it and want me to go into my specifics drop me a line!

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