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How I Rate My Books / the Escap(p)e method

For ease, and for visual bliss, I use the standard 5 star rating for my book reviews.

I do, however, award half stars. BECAUSE there is actually a lot more that goes into choosing the star rating.

What you see is ultimately a physical representation, of the average number, generated by seven different categories, each on a scale of 1-10. Kind of confused? Let me break it down…

the ESCAPPE method

When starting to collect my thoughts and feelings about a recent finish, I evaluate the book on a set of seven merits. This is a system I’ve developed myself and call the escap(p)e method. Which IS supposed to be ironic, it’s on purpose… because I like to read books as an escape… get it? Maybe it’s just me? I’m not funny… moving on.

E for Enjoyment
S for Style, like the writing style of the author
C for Characters
A for Atmosphere of the story and setting
P for plot, the actual story points
P for pacing
E for the Ending which can be a deal-breaker if there ever was one

on a Scale of 1-10?

This can get a little tricky and is most of the time hard to nail down for each category. I try to go with my initial gut feeling and not to over think it too much. And you can see that towards the middle range things get fuzzy and summarized in one word.

1 – This is toilet paper
2 – I Really didn’t like it
3 – Weak
4 – Meh
5 – Acceptable
6 – Good
7 – Enjoyable
8 – I really liked it
9 – Oh wow I really loved this
10 – Absolutely amazing, a new favorite for sure

I then take the numbers I assigned to each of the ESCAPPE categories, get and average and then translate that to the closest start rating. But I also list the overall score the book received in the review. Ready for an example?

Six of Crows

E – 9
S – 10
C – 9
A – 8
P – 9
P – 8
E – 8 (if you don’t have the second book it could be anxiety inducing)

8.71 on the ESCAPPE scale so…

How do you guy rate your books?

let me know in the comments!

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