The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah ~ A Review


A coming of age story about a girl named Leni learning about life in the bush of wild Alaska. With a volatile Vietnam POW for a dad and a willow branch for a mother, Leni must learn about love, hope, and most of all survival.

The last frontier is no place for weak individuals, and with 18 hours of darkness a day, winter fast approaching, and supplies ruining low the Albrights must learn quick. Danger is all around in the Alaska wilderness, and for Leni and her mother it’s also inside their home.

This is a story about love and loss, strength and fragility, and a family’s struggle to stay alive and to stay safe.


Wow. Just wow.

So I’ll be honest I switched to the audiobook after chapter 4. I didn’t do it because I thought reading the physical book was boring, I did it because I needed to get the story faster. I felt like reading the book dragged and was a little slow, but I was so invested in the characters and the setting that I NEEDED to know what was going to happen next.

I enjoyed the all the descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness and I really enjoyed the characters. I thought everyone was really flushed out and strong and I connected with them all very well. The overall arc of Leni’s story was really satisfying, I cried and I smiled, and most importantly, the ending was really satisfying.

ESCAP(p)E Rating: 9.14

If you want a more in depth review and to see what went into my rating click HERE! But be warned… there’s probably spoilers!

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