Editing Services

Services coming summer 2020!

Looking for a second pair of eyes on your budding manuscript? Let’s see if we are a good fit!

For short pieces I will read the first page free of charge and for full length manuscripts I will read the first chapter (or the first 20 pages whichever is the shortest) free of charge and provide feedback to see if our styles compliment each other. It is my belief that you should feel comfortable and confident entrusting your fledgling to an editor that fits your vibe.

My rates will vary by manuscript, after the initial exchange if we make a good match I will create a custom quote to fit the specific needs of your project. Generally my rates with range between $0.003-$0.007/word.

I have a B.A in creative writing, attended many workshops, and read upwards of 80 books a year. That is to say I’ve spent quite a while studying the craft and can aid you in highlighting your strengths and improving in areas of concern.

As a writer I know how important and vulnerable sharing work can be. Which is why it’s my upmost goal to give you constructive feedback that is both honest and compassionate. Reach out to me with an questions and concerns you may have.